Ever decreasing circles

Consider the above metaphor to describe the revelations recent scientific discoveries from viruses and prions in the genetic world to the quarks and gamma radiation of the sub-atomic world, modern science today is counter intuitive and less understandable by more and more people today than ever before.

so complex

When searching for simplicity at ever smaller levels of material organization, scientific experimentation has discovered complexity instead. At decreasing levels of organization there is less clarity or predictability than was promised a century ago. As this process of abstraction in biology and pysics occurred, fewer and fewer people could fully grasp the meaning of biological, chemical, and physical existence.




Our physical world's smallest components seem less and less tangible today ased on the works describing science of these 20th century authors:

Author Implications
Brecht Geocentric ideas were eclipsed in a revolution of rational-empiricism.
Mayr Special, fixed and progressive creation is an inaccurate description.
Lewontin We have had the mathematics all wrong, probability is the key.
Margulis Since we have had the taxonomy all wrong, nature has eluded us.
Kaku Hyperspace eludes us because we are only three dimensional survivors.

Meaning for the current scientific worldview:


Random variation around an average, is not Newtonian certitude.


Our predecessors recreated the world that created and sustains us.


As the universe expands, the past recedes as it defines the present.


Depending on your perspective, either God or the devil dwells (or both dwell) in the details!

The details of modern physics, chemistry, geology and biology reveal that hidden in the very small things, are clues the the beauty, the agonizingly ancient, and the functionally superb world in which we dwell.

Michio Kaku, physicist, insists that we are now experiencing a convergence of three revolutions.

Sources Authors




Consider the work of the unseen:

Curve of binding energy

Electromagnetic spectrum

Gravitational constant

Sufficient water, oxygen and sunlight

The disequilibrium of atmospheric gasses on Earth

A menagerie of organisms that make the place function at an optimal level

Hopefully we will always have the good sense to, admit our errors, change our mind and care for the things that instinctively care for us.

Describing C. P. Snows' Two Cultures.

Kenneth Boulding on many clashing cultures.


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By Joseph Siry

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