Overview History of Science

"Nullius in verba."

threeSeven basic concepts we follow are:

from a bounded and fixed cosmos to an expanding universe,

from a specially created ideal form to an evolving material diversity of functional stability,

from the solidity of atoms to the emptiness if quantum foam,

from the speed of sound to the speed of light,

from inheritable genes as traits to a composite genomic system of epigenesis,

from structural and functional certainty to emergent properties,

from a mathematically predictable to a stochastic and contingent outcome .


The history of science involves related layers in a body of knowledge that grows ever more complicated.

From certainty to uncertainty is the mark of a mature means of understanding reality, because our perception is flawed.

For example:


Bodies of knowledge

Pyramid of knowledgebooks stacked


Defining science

The word science means?


Varieties of scientific experience


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