Assigned work:

readerThe importance of getting your work done on time in my classes is generally explained here, because late assignments lose a grade.

But taking this page seriously is not a substitute for critically reading each of the texts, carefully taking notes, reading and restating the course materials carefully to assess your weekly and monthly progress.


Who | How your work is evaluated | What you need to do | If you get behind | e-mail me | Three objectives | Outcomes | Final exam


Consult the course syllabus for specific values and work instructions related to your class.

Dr. Siry

SiryI am here to encourage your learning by coaching you to exceed your capacity to demonstrate your mental, expressive, and affective abilities.

Unless I can read and review your work, I cannot evaluate your standing in the class.

How do you go about improving your performance on the work I call: Assignments?

What to do? | Suggestions for success | Performance Criteria | Goals and Objectives


What you must do:

No need to go to extremes, but do pay attention.

Attendance, participation by answering questions, actively working in groups & showing up to field trips.

group15% or 20% of your evaluation comes from regular discussion in class.

Reading and note taking from the texts are essential to your success. Strategic reading is a form of critical attention to the details of a book so that you can see how an author uses evidence to support an argument or uses language to create a condition, evoke a mood or draw you into their descriptions and critical thought on subjects.

45% or more of my evaluation of your work based on the papers you write that come out of the classroom exercises, free writing, readings and discussions from assigned texts.


Who | How your work is evaluated | What you need to do | If you get behind | e-mail me | Three objectives | Outcomes | Final exam


learn So what if I am in trouble, or get behind?

1) Do not panic jump.

2) Contact me letters .

3) Develop a plan to recover.


Final Exam Day.

Definng the learming outcomesPresent orally to the class the finding of your essays, your term long project or your developed research papers. All final exam essays are comprehensive and must use all of the authors to demonstrate you understanding of the course.

The written and verbal portions of the final exam are as much as 15% of your grade.

So be sure to tell us what you have learned and how that is important to the material you use to inform the class about your project, paper, or presentation.


* your notes from the readings and from class discussion may be checked on any day!

Who | How your work is evaluated | What you need to do | If you get behind | e-mail me | Three objectives | Outcomes | Final exam


learnAll assignments are graded with careful attention to each of these five criteria:


1. clarity, coherence, spelling, grammar, & logical consistency.

2. length & development of your evidence, arguments, ideas, or presentations.

3. information from the class texts, library research, or interviews.

4. frequency of examples from the authors, lectures, journal, notes & readings.

5. substantial discussion of the subject, introductions, summaries, & conclusions.

learn Goals: In order to sharpen your analysis, the educational perspective in this course sustains

3 objectives of ecological citizenship are intended for you to practice your speaking, written expression & critical thinking abilities.

one: to provide you chances to gain greater ease and / or success in writing, speaking, & job interviewing.

two: to practice your analytical skills in order to achieve a higher level of understanding and increase your value as a member of a work group, project team, or jury.

three: to recall to synthesize information so that you may be more confident in giving formal testimony, reporting to varied audiences, or make clearer presentations on a current issue.

Better students improve on their existing skills and demonstrate growth.


Bloom's taxonomy  
Potential grade range.
Deeper learning learn synthesize.

A / A-

compare & contrast analysis.

B /B+

critical reading describe.

B- / C+

basic recall emphasize significance.

C / C-

    forget basics.

D+ / D

  book illogical arguments. D- / F





Who | How your work is evaluated | What you need to do | If you get behind | e-mail me | Three objectives | Final exam


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