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etoile Peace be between you and harm in all the darkest places you may journey.





Namib Desert, Africa, J. V. Siry, 2013
    Speak up and protect our shared liberties.        

Don't under-rate nature: this yearling is in one of three elephant herds of desert adapted animals in Namibia, Africa.
Ecological integrity emerging from contributing species in any terrain is the gyroscope of the living world.
lost from the forests
Tigers, Pandas, and tropical forests share common, elemental origins.
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"Our existence in this place, this microscopic corner of the cosmos, is fleeting. With utter disregard for our wants and needs, nature plays out its grand acts on scales of space and time that are truly hard to grasp. Perhaps all that we can look to for real solace is our endless capacity to ask questions and seek answers about the place we find ourselves in. One of the questions we are now asking is how deeply our specific circumstances are connected to this majestic universal scheme of stars, galaxies and black holes.

Caleb Scharf,
Scientific American, August, 2012; p. 34.

Climate change is harming people now but we could do something to protect us all.


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AR-5, latest climate findings.

"Population," Encyclopedia of Earth.

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  If our economy were more like a mushroom than a weed, then we could all prosper.  





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I teach perchance to creatively dream, but to ceaselessly learn things anew from students & peers.


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Correcting ecology.

learn Go On learnWhat we share is all we ever have.

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learn Who, Jos. V. Siry, Recent master's level graduate students for whom I have been a mentor.

Marshes of the Ocean Shore.

learnWhat, Doctor of Philosophy in History from University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB)

learnWhen, 1981.

learnWhere, Rollins College, Winter Park, FL. 32789

Historian of science, technology and the environment.

Associate: India and South Asia Center.

Associate: Master of Liberal Studies; graduate program.

Treasurer: Save the Manatee Club.

learn How, River Restoration specialist, Climate Policy analyst, Landscape preservation practitioner, Arts & Science education specialist.

Oxford Roundtable 2012 discussion on climate change and distributive energy.


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